(.de) Invitation to the ID4me Authority Workshop on 17 October in Madrid: ccTLD Registries warmly welcome!

2019-08-28 News

DENIC cordially invites interested ccTLDs to the ID4me Authority Workshop on 17 October 2019 – the day before this year’s ID4me summit – in Madrid. ID4me is an open and federated standard for digital identity management based on domains. The single sign-on solution was developed with substantial involvement of DENIC, and the new DENIC ID service is a first market-ready implementation for setting up the federated approach.

The 5-hour workshop in Madrid aims at the role of ID Authorities within the ID4me ecosystem and wants to explore possibilities of collaboration and cooperation between ccTLD registries. It also is the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas on how registries could benefit from the single sign-on solution, which is an attractive complementary service for a domain.

If you have any questions and want to register, please contact


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